About Us

About CriticMag

What is Critic Magazine and why are they all up in my grizzle?

And what in tarnation are they doing talking about my favorite stuff?

Take a chill pill and sit yourself down.

Who are we?

Primarily an American team by the majority, however in recent years with our expansion we now have numerous international members, which helps us to diversify. (lord knows Tom needed it)

We are a team of product review experts who have come together with professional writers to create some of the best product review content online, period. 

critic mag review team

We have a passion for testing products and thirst for seeing if the products match up to the boasts of their creators.

Especially Jane, she seems to enjoy it a little bit too much…..

Alas! Many of us come from quality checking the background in software and tech companies, and newer members from other industries such as beauty, home improvement, fashion and babywear, to name a few. 

Our original issue, in the beginning, was that although we had the knowledge and methodology to source the best products, we couldn’t really iterate it very poetically.

Since teaming with expert writers and content creators, we have really taken off and our expanding our visibility on the web.

Why did we make this website?

I read a statistic one day about how we spend 4127 days of our lives (on average) with ‘screen time’, this is from computers, mobiles to tablets.

spending too much time on the screen

With the surge in online shopping, we can all agree a vast majority of this screen time must be people searching endlessly and sifting through hundreds and hundreds of products, all with fantastic sales copy, not knowing which one is worth the time and money. 

But what if you could just go to 1 place, 1 website, that had all the answers for you and could cut your shopping ‘screen time’ by up to 80%, would you use it?

Our friends and family answered with a resounding yes, and not long after that a poll of 10,000 people on social media also answered with an 87% vote for yes. 

So we got to work….

What is our method?

As mentioned before, most of our team have a quality checking background with large companies, so we utilize the same criteria and methods we utilized in our careers.

Which is beneficial for the reader as youre getting advice companies normally pay for. 

shopping data picture

We also use data from our software which can cross-reference lots of valuable data such as, sales per month, price rise/fall, number of reviews, average median score of positive and negative reviews.

With all this informaton we are able to easily separate trash from treasure and also provide a user-friendly analysis for the reader, and provide a simple rating out of 5 stars that are accurate.

We then coordinate with our writers and work together to create the best-written content, explaining all the technical features and data in an easy and digestible manner.

Saving you countless hours of trawling the net, and providing a clear choice for each scenario.

Write for Us

We are always hiring new writers, if you have a passion for products in a particular niche or industry pelase get in touch.

State your name, experience, preferred niches and appropriate salary.

We look forward to hearing from all you Shakespeare wannabes out there! (Where art thou content creators??)